How it works

Creating a website with My Website Drive Thru is simple and easy. You just have to go through our online website maker or our Website Drive-Thru process which is basically just an online questionnaire. Once you have given us your ifnormation through our website builder, we will then start constructing how to start an essay with a quote format your website. In less than 2 weeks, we will get back to you with the finished website for your comments and revisions. We should have your website up and running by the end of the second week. It’s that simple and that hassle-free!

Step 1

Start with our online website builder (Website Drive-Thru process)

Through an online website maker or an online form, we will ask you some questions regarding your business and for the content that you want to put up on your website.

Step 2

Make a down-payment

After you have filled out the online form, which is basically our Drive-Thru process, you will be required to make a 50% down payment. The remaining 50% is to be settled only upon project completion, right before we launch your website. We accept payments through PayPal and Credit Card.

Step 3

We’ll start working on your website

Based on your chosen design template, the information and content that you have given to us from the previous step, we will then organize all contents and create your website for you. 

We will get back to you after a few days on your finished website which you could conveniently view online through a special link. We expect controversial topics funny to get some feedback / revisions from your end. We could do this back and fourth until you are contented with the final website or until the end of the second week of the entire process.

This sets us apart even further from other “do-it-yourself” website makers out there and makes us stand out in the field of website design in the Philippines. Our professional website designers will do all the dirty work for you. You don’t have to think of anything after answering our questionnaire. It’s practically hassle-free.

Step 4

Let’s launch your new website!

After we have finished making some tweaks and adjustments, it’s now time to launch your new website! We’ll make your website live for everyone to see and experience.