Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other website creation services out there?

We automate the whole web design process for you through our special drive-thru process which is basically an online form (website builder) that you will have to fill-out. The form will ask you questions about your business and for you to submit content to use on your website.

In this process, you will also be asked to choose a design template that you want to use from our wide how to start out an essay selection of website design templates. After this, our pool of professional website designers will take care of everything for you. 

This simple and hassle-free process combined with lightning fast turnaround of 2 weeks maximum and very low costs are the things that set us apart from other website creation services out there changing the playing field in web design in the Philippines.

How can you you offer prices lower than usual? Will quality be sacrificed?

We know that website design in the Philippines can be sometime quite costly. We have individuals, startups and small to medium businesses in mind; this is why we keep our prices low. Apart from that, My Website Drive Thru is owned by Rocketship Creative Design Lab, a web and graphic design studio which caters to bigger and more established companies. This setup allows us to offer lower prices for the other end of the market; people who are just starting up their own businesses and individuals like you.

Quality will not be sacrificed for the price you pay. Our web designers will make sure your content is professionally integrated to your chosen design template well.

Do you do meet-ups?

Sorry, we do not do client meetings and meet ups since we position ourselves as a web app and an on-the-go type of service, thus the name: My Website Drive Thru.

What happens after I launch my website?

After your website has launched, we offer a 2 week warranty period where you could request minor content changes on your website. All changes and website revisions after this 2-week warranty period will require a PHP 1,500 fee for each batch of changes.

If you avail of our Value Deal or Up Size package, you will also get a PDF manual with step by step instructions on how to add and change content on your own. This way, you could add and change content on your own for as many times as you like without incurring any additional fees.

What happens if something goes wrong with my website?

If you think you are experiencing technical issues on your website, you may contact us through our Support page.
We’d be glad to assist you.

Will there be any reccuring fees?

Just like any other website out there, you will have to pay an annual renewal fee of PHP 2,500 for your domain name ( and web hosting.

What happens if I don't pay my website renewal fee after one year?

Don’t worry if you are not able to settle your annual renewal fee on time. Your website will just be put on hold. Your website will be offline but your files are safely stored in our servers for up to a month of non-payment of your annual renewal fee. If the website still hasn’t been renewed after this 1-month grace period, this is the only time when your website will be deleted from our servers to free up server space for new customers.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds for our services. Going through the entire Website Drive-Thru process should be enough time for you to decide if you are truly sure that you would like us to create your website for you.

Don’t worry, our simple and fool-proof process guarantees customer satisfaction for all our clients every single time.

How can I update my website's content on my own after the website has launched?

If you avail of our Value Deal or Up Size package, you will receive a PDF manual on the launch day of your controversial questions funny website which contains a step-by-step guide on how to update and add contents to your website on your own.

What if I have a more complex website requirement not covered by your packages?

For more complex website requirements such as online stores, online systems, or websites which have specific functions,  please contact Rocketship Creative Design Lab. We’ll be glad to assist you on your complex website requirements.

What if I do not have a logo for my business yet?

If you still do not have a logo for your business as of the moment, don’t worry, we offer that service as well as part of our Website Drive-Thru process. Our logo design services only cost PHP 4,000 and could only be availed if you are availing any of our packages.

What are the usual cause of delays in a website project?

The usual cause of delay on website projects is the lack of content on the client’s end. Please make sure to have your website’s contents ready before you start our Website Drive-Thru process to avoid any delays.

Because of the simple process of our online website maker and pool of professional website designers, we do not see any cause of delays from our end.